A rare winter storm in Canada in April; Videos – UNO TV

A rare winter storm in Canada in April;  Videos – UNO TV

Storm winter from “amazing“for a month April This week fell on main center from CanadaAnd Resulting in the closure of many roads and schools.

Only two meteorological phenomena of this severity have been recorded in Canada After that date since 1902. The meteorological services had warned of the expected occurrence of this storm winter It was “historic”.

Having an event that produces 12 inches of snow or more after 9/11 April It’s kind of strange.” Natalie HasselMeteorology Department, Ministry of Environment Canada.

Natalie Hassel He pointed out that the area Brandon It was badly damaged and still under blizzard conditions.

Environment Canada He said light snow on Thursday night in Winnipeg and southeastern Manitoba will recede by Friday as the system begins to move east and northwest of Manitoba. Ontario.

Doyle BionwickThe snowfall may melt until Tuesday, when temperatures are better indoors, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure said Canada.

“It will slowly melt, these are the best conditions we can hope for.”

Doyle BionwickMinister of Transport and Infrastructure

Canada is experiencing the worst snow storm in decades

According to forecasts, Southeast Prefecture Saskatchewanlocated west of Canada, and a large part of the south Manitoba They should have received, when the storm is over, 30-50 cm of snow.

Many schools and roads in the province Manitoba The site said the power outage was closed on Thursday Hydro Manitoba.

Alerts have been raised for the province Saskatchewan, which can continue to experience gusts of up to 50 km/h. The weather phenomenon is expected Canada This Friday wanes and ends later in the day or at night.

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