Holy Week. “I will enjoy this delicious beer and the company of my girlfriend,” CDMX crowded restaurants

Holy Week.  “I will enjoy this delicious beer and the company of my girlfriend,” CDMX crowded restaurants

“We feel so free and liberated, it was really frustrating to spend these two years pandemic, Because I used to go to the county every year, but now it’s time to enjoy my beloved and beautiful city without a mask,” he speaks to Globalism Fausto Trigo, while enjoying his very cold glass of beer that he is going to open Easter holiday As a tourist in your city.

Unlike the past two years, the streets The historic center of Mexico City Looks full of smiling faces that can be seen to persuade They are walking briskly to enter museums, shops, restaurants and bars where sanitary measures have been noticeably relaxed due to the green at the epidemic traffic light.

“Today I will enjoy this place with this delicious beer and the company of my beautiful girlfriend, at night I will go to Garibaldi and tomorrow I will return to the center, but in a more relaxed plan to celebrate Good Friday,” Fausto says after making it clear that he prefers to stay away from the crowds that may appear on Mexican beaches. .

Groups of friends stand in long queues to enter supermarkets, families enjoy eating at restaurants on Philomeno Matta Street and couples pet each other, kiss and hug each other without fear of losing the healthy distance recommended by government health authorities.

“On the matter of the green light, everyone is really eager to go out, and you see people everywhere; my family has already left with a little more confidence, but we must all continue to take care of ourselves even if we are out in the open and I see many people who are behaving well. ‘,” says Eliana Gonzalez, who used the sunny afternoon to go out to eat spaghetti bolognese with her husband and daughter at a restaurant on Avenida Madero.

There is no longer a trace of Mexico City employees who provided antibacterial gels and face masks to visitors to this part of the city. Instead, vendors of keychains, masks, model sweets and stuffed animals have returned to settle in the corners to present their wares to visitors.

“Where we went our temperatures were taken, we see fewer people who are scared and that makes me feel very calm, and gives me a lot of confidence,” Eliana says as the waiter serves her lemonade.

As the sun sets, thousands of people continue to wait at traffic lights and cross the streets to get to Zócalo to enjoy a walk. The epidemic and confinement are behind us.

“I think the risk is still there, but it’s very small, people are very responsible and we continue to take care of ourselves. You have to enjoy life because we don’t know when another pandemic will hit us,” says the mother of the family.


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