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Where platforms like Netflix, it usually doesn’t take long before a new proposal breaks the data of its predecessors. Also, although this usually happens with big movies like red alert also The invisible agentfrom time to time it also happens that domestic productions begin to succeed abroad, a quality that they produce above all The flowas it progresses capacity and synchronicity To be able to see each other at the same time, all over the world. This is the case trollThat Netflix movie Break all data in few hours.

Since it was first shown at the beginning of December, troll crept up The 10 most watched content on the platform and ranked #1 on Netflix in the United States. Of course, although many complain about his point of view “b series”The truth is, that almost qualifies for a feature film type of thing like that Kaiju. This is the term they use in Japan to describe and categorize monster movies as being Godzilla Or in the case of American cinema, King Kong. But what is this? troll?

“Trolls” (Netflix)

troll is a Netflix original that tells how deep in Mount Dover, something gigantic has awakened yet A thousand years of captivity. The creature destroys everything in its path and is rapidly approaching the capital, Oslo. It’s not the first disaster suggestion he’s made Roar Utah. Filmed by the Norwegian director in 2015 Waved And in 2018, I created a Reboot Movie Tomb riderwith Alice Vikander In the role of the hero Lara Croft. Suggesting it should have a sequel, the project hasn’t launched yet, though Academy Award winning actress You pay to get it. Although, of course, this does not mean that it should be repeated in the direction of othog.

netflix movie
“Trolls” (Netflix)

The story is based on Othug himself, but the script is signed by Espen Okan, and the main cast includes: In Marie Wellman, Jared B. Eidsvold, Kim Falk, Anki von de Liebe, Yosef Toch Ibra, Ingrid Fullan, and Caroline Victoria Smelling Garfang. It has been available on Netflix since December 1st. Currently, it is the second most watched content in Spain, with a duration 1 hour 43 minutes.

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