The Mystery of Dr. Greenberg: A Film and What Happened to the World

The Mystery of Dr. Greenberg: A Film and What Happened to the World

The mystery of Dr. Greenberg is address Movie by Spanish director Ida Cuellar, currently in cinemas that investigates the events that occurred before and after the disappearance of the famous actor. Mexican scientist Jacobo Greenberg.

Interestingly, the day it is recorded as a date official disappearance From Jacob Greenberg It’s December 8th, so as part of this remembrance, we remember what his legacy was and what happened to him.

Jacob Greenberg Born December 12, 1946 in Mexico City, he was devoted to scientific thought but above all Parachintest s Myselfspecializing in the study of topics such as Shaman Mexicans consciousnessThe Meditation and the teleportation. In particular, the ability of humans to connect their minds, both when they occupy the same physical space and when they are at a distance.

they Research make it important professor On issues of the human mind, especially the ability to transform Mind _ mind through meditation and the idea of ​​a relationship between all beings in the world. However, as his fame increased, so did controversies and even suspicions about what was going on in his personal life. investigator.

This is as the movie speaks The mystery of Dr. Greenbergfrom a certain point in his career, and personal Jacob Greenberg He began to change and became more uptight and even sent confusing messages to his family, such as his brother, who told him “If something happens to me, I trust you.” These kinds of strange situations add to some theory researchers About what happened to this thinker, because on December 8, 1994, simply disappear.

One of the investigators in the Greenberg case

Two Latino films

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