Active media partners with Red Bull open new headquarters in Canada


Hyperactive media are standardized. A global sports and entertainment company based in Madrid has teamed up with energy drink company Red Bull To open a new headquarters in Canada, the company reported through a statement.

After the official announcement, the company plans to open a new headquarters in Toronto (Canada), called Red Bull Gaming Studioesports tournaments, broadcasts, and live events are held.

moreover, The entertainment company intends to completely renew its corporate identity So is your esports identity to approach a more specific audience.

The world of Red Bull together with esports will open up experiences excellent for our fans, Banners and the Canadian community,” explained Alison Walker, Commercial Director of Overactive Media.

Even leagues Note and watch s Call of duty Never being held in person again, Red Bull Gaming Studio will host the Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra matches.

Overactive Media is a global sports and entertainment company that combines licensed team ownership and audience engagement to connect with fans, franchise partners, and corporate sponsors around the world. Last March, the company raised $38 million in capital raising.

In North America, Overactive owns the Toronto Defiant League of the Overwatch League and the Toronto Ultra of the Call of Duty League. In Europe, Overactive operates the Madrid-based esports club Mad Lions and teams in the European League of Legends Championship and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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