Actor Marc Ruffalo and Brazil’s president star in a social media battle

Actor Marc Ruffalo and Brazil’s president star in a social media battle

The Marvel representative and the president of Brazil fought a battle via social networks before Bolsonaro met the President of the United States, Joe Biden, at the Summit of the Americas.

Mexico City, June 9 (however). – the actor Mark Ruffalo and the President of BrazilAnd the Jair BolsonaroAnd the starred a fight in social networks by Meeting What will the president get? Joe Biden On the top of the americas.

Actor Mark Ruffalo. Photo: AP

Through his Twitter account, the Hulk actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sent a message to warn Bolsonaro about his meeting with the President of the United States.

Dear POTUS, the man you meet today does not respect democracy and constantly threatens a coup. “When the 6/1 hearings begin, remember to stand by democracy,” Ruffalo said.

However, the Brazilian president responded to the letter, stating that the artist was not familiar with his country’s constitution but was sure it was not as complex as the Hulk’s scripts.

“Dear Mark Raffles, calm down! I’m sure you’ve never read the Brazilian constitution, but I can assure you it’s not like the complex Hulk texts you have to memorize: ‘AHGFRR’.” Read it and you’ll discover that I respect not only you, but the rule of law in Brazil Bolsonaro wrote.

Similarly, Mark Ruffalo compared to Captain America and criticized the artist to the point of downplaying his version of Mavel’s green giant, asserting that the original version of the character was much better.

“Let me simplify it: If Captain America is elected by more than 55 million people and Thanos, who is a foreigner and knows nothing about the United States, is trying to interfere with the American homeland or the election process, it is Thanos and not Captain America who disrespects democracy. […] By the way, the original chassis was much cooler. He didn’t need a computer to look powerful and understand something about nature,” concluded the President of Brazil.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden avoided challenging his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro regarding upcoming elections in the South American country and the administration of the Amazon region during the public part of their Thursday meeting at the Summit of the Americas, and Bolsonaro displayed a defensive stance as he approached. such issues.

During the public portion of their meeting, Biden delivered his welcome remarks to Bolsonaro while praising Brazil’s “vibrant and inclusive democracy and strong electoral institutions.”

Bolsonaro supported Trump and was one of the heads of state who took the longest to acknowledge Biden’s electoral victory, as he waited more than a month after the November 2020 election to send his congratulations.

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