African Gospel Choir of San Francisco de Salle Diocese with Abba Tanu

African Gospel Choir of San Francisco de Salle Diocese with Abba Tanu

The Archdiocese of San Francisco de Sales in Elda will celebrate an Evangelical Mass on Sunday, October 30, at 12 noon for the African group Aba Tanu.

San Francisco parish priest, Julio Cesar Rioja, confirms that the 12 noon mass will be a celebration accompanied by “gospel” music with black spiritual hymns. Later, a concert of about 30 minutes will be held.

Aba Taano comes from Uganda and consists of five singers performing a cappella To promote the project Music to save lives. This project was established in Uganda in 2005 and currently supports 60 people, the vast majority of whom are minors. They have a family home in Kireka, near Kampala, although some live abroad. They also study primary, secondary, university or specialized schools.

Many early adopters work and live independently and help their families. There are nurses, lab technicians, DJs, mechanics, seamstresses, journalists, hoteliers, chefs, computer scientists … and many other artists, dancers and mimes, as well as the members of the group themselves: Joshua Kimese, Luis Mayanga, Harriet Nbaali, Maurice Kamuja and Derek Sentizza, who brought Abba Tanu to life. This quintet has been performing on large theaters for eleven years, with 1,500 concerts, seven albums, eleven international awards, a virtual library of African voices (Kyawa, composed by Educardo Tarilonte), collaborating in charity events or on the film’s soundtrack. the home. They sing African gospel, and a lot of Zulu gospel, but they also do ethnic and pop vocals.

At the end of the event, the group will ask for the audience’s cooperation for their association.

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