Kanye says Django was his idea: “They got the idea from me”; Tarantino denies this | News from Mexico

United State. – A few days ago, Kanye West He mentioned in an interview with Morgan Piers that He came up with the idea for Django in 2005, During a conversation with actor Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino was also present.

According to the rapper, they were throwing Music video ideas, one of the Gold Digger. There, West said he had the idea to make a movie about slavery:

“Tarantino was able to write a movie about slavery because he and Jimmy really got the idea from me. I pitched the idea for Django to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino in the style of a Gold Digger video. And it turned into a movie,” Yi said.

Tarantino denies yi

The famous director denied the rapper’s statements. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, he claimed to have conceived the idea for Django long before he met West.

“There’s nothing real about Kanye West creating with the idea of ​​’Django’ and then he told me, and I said, ‘Hey, that’s a great idea, let me take it in and out of ‘Django Unchained’. “she”. When questioned by the interviewer, Tarantino replied, “It didn’t happen.

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