Africans dominated the traditional San Silvestre race in Brazil

Africans dominated the traditional San Silvestre race in Brazil

Koimoi, 22, led the race from the start and claimed victory with a time of 44 minutes and 43 seconds on a 15-kilometre course that begins and ends on the famous Paulista Avenue. Compatriot Maxwell Rotic (45d17s) and Tanzanian Josep Banga (45d42s) completed the podium.

Of the last ten editions of San Silvestre, nine African athletes have won. Agence France-Presse reported that Kwimoy’s victory was the first for a Ugandan athlete.

In the women’s category, the podium was also African, with Kenyan Catherine Rillin taking first place, accompanied by Ethiopians Yimmer Wood and Kabbosh Ysma.

Raylene, 20, won from the start, finishing in a time of 49min 39sec to maintain Kenya’s dominance in the women’s race as compatriot Sandravelis Tui won in 2021.

Since 2007, Kenyan athletes have won 11 editions of the women’s event, and their dominance has not been interrupted by the three victories of Ethiopia’s Yimmer Wood in 2008, 2014 and 2015.

With more than 32,000 runners, many participants paid tribute to Pele, with posters and T-shirts in reference to the former Brazilian soccer player, who died on Thursday at the age of 82.

San Silvestre, Argentina

Argentine athletes Federico Bruno and Fedra Luna Sambran today won the traditional 8-kilometer San Silvestre race in Buenos Aires, with a circuit record.

Fede Bruno, Argentina’s representative at the 2016 Rio Olympics Marathon, won with a mark of 22 minutes 57 seconds and set the track record.

The men’s podium was completed by another Olympic marathon runner, Joaquín Arpe, and Jose Zabala.

Meanwhile, among the women, Fedra Luna Sambrán crossed the finish line in 26 minutes, 11 seconds, also establishing the event’s historic best mark. Diana Ocampo and Karina Fuentalba also stood on the podium, which gathered more than eight thousand runners.

With the traditional tour of the main tourist places and the historic center of the city, pass the test Obelisk, Avenida 9 de Julio, San Telmo neighborhood, Avenida Corrientes, Cabildo, Plaza de Mayo, Casa de Government, Metropolitan Cathedral, Avenida de Mayo and Café Tortoni, among others.

The beginning and the end were next to the giant circus tent set up on 9 de Julio, which had more than 50 performers on stage, with clowns, mimes, rope walkers, shapeshifters, clowns and three bands playing live.

Source: TELAM

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