United States: Why “dump” New York? | Manhattan | USA | USA | Housing | flats | Residents | ec stories | tdex-revtli | | the answers

United States: Why “dump” New York?  |  Manhattan |  USA |  USA |  Housing |  flats |  Residents |  ec stories |  tdex-revtli |  |  the answers

It has been one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the world when they travel to it . It was visited by 60 million people, however, the panorama of this city that once shone seems to be fading away. They are said to be “empty”. What is known about this unfortunate event and why is it happening? On this note we tell you all the details that you should know.

Why does New York get “empty”?

According to a report before BBC Worldthis is a state United State He’s struggling with something that actually happened to him in the past, but because of the remote work he’s doing in the field.

It is, according to what is read in the British media report, the majority of the workforce New York He has been moving to other cities where the cost of living is not so high.

Among the major cities where large numbers of people have been reported who have decided to move to other states are counties Manhattan, New York, Queens and Brooklyn.

Manhattan County alone has the largest number of residents looking for homes and apartments in other cities or states: 200,000 in total, as of March 2020.

At least 51,000 Queens residents and another 88,000 Brooklyn residents have already left. New Yorktechnically it is an “empty”.

And it is said New York It is being “emptied” by declining tax revenues, shrinking populations, businesses relocating, and increasingly precarious services. One of the reasons for this phenomenon may be due to the emergence of remote work.

Studies show that since all of these issues are reported in New York It’s also when the pandemic started.

As of October 2021, 54% of city office employees were working from home. Only 8% commute every day to work in offices and other facilities.

In April 2022, 28% of employees were working remotely, but the hybrid model caught on, and the number of people working from the office per day remained at just 8%.

In the latest survey, from last September, 16% continued to work from home all the time and only 9% went to work in person every day.

As a result, many offices are empty. Something specialists call “business and resident evasion.”

To deal with this problem, the authorities are working on some ideas to keep the people still living in it New York And they don’t leave. In addition to recovering from the departed.

One of the notable ideas is the possibility of converting currently empty office buildings into residential spaces.

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, a professor at Columbia Business School who researches real estate and finance, suggests that this might be a good idea on the part of the state so that they don’t fall into the trap of underpaying tax revenue and paying too much for it. Living in a practically empty city.

He adds, “You can keep the shop on the first floor and shift the offices on the other floors, because it will generate demand for trade,” also noting that this ensures the survival of small and medium-sized businesses.

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