After instructing the researchers, the deputies proceed to pass the Science Act

They will not stop at the legislative process of the initiative presented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the request of 2,391 scientists, researchers and academics from all over the country, to stop the legislative process of the initiative to promulgate the Science Act, the Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation of the House of Representatives denied that it was stopped and, on the contrary, will continue the legislative process of the initiative presented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The foregoing, under the jurisdiction of Article 72 of the Constitution, as well as Articles 95 to 134 of the Bylaws of Congress.

“Any bill or ordinance, the decision of which is not exclusive to either House, shall be successively debated in both Houses, subject to the law of Congress and the relevant regulations, as to the form, periods, and manner of proceeding with discussions and voting,” states Article 72 of the Constitution.

While the Articles of Regulations for the Internal Government of Congress determine the procedures for debates.

Rep. Javier López-Casarín, chair of the Science, Technology and Innovation Committee, who was consulted by El Universal, pointed out the lack of legal personality that would allow a halt to an ongoing legislative process, in this case the bill introduced by the federal executive.

He explained that he had begun the process of inviting members of the academic and scientific community “to participate in working groups that will allow the development of new systems in science, technology, innovation and the humanities.”

With regard to the scholars’ request to take into account their opinions and proposals, Representative López-Casarin promised to invite everyone who wants to participate.

“(My) commitment is to listen to all voices interested in contributing suggestions, ideas or reflections that allow enriching opinion. He explained that the invitation is not limited to directors of institutions.

He confirmed that those interested in participating in the working groups can request this via the CTI e-mail: [email protected]

He explained that in addition to the working groups, they are in determining the date of the open parliament.
“In order to consider the largest number of proposals from citizens, especially from a community dedicated to generating knowledge,” said the PVEM legislator.

The initiative presented by President López Obrador will be addressed through the action plan of the conference between the House Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation and the Senate Committee on Science and Technology.

The aforementioned mechanism has been installed since April 2022, to form the Cyber ​​Security Law, which will be introduced in the next regular session of sessions, Representative López-Casarin advanced.

“Dialogue and participation will be privileged to achieve solid systems that respond to the needs of Mexicans,” he concluded.

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