All the suspended ships cross the Suez Canal after the “Evergiven” run aground.


All “ships are suspended” since the founding of “Evergiven”, which is a huge container ship Stuck in the Suez Canal The Suez Canal Authority announced on Saturday that it was giving up this strategic waterway on March 23rd.

Admiral Osama Rabie, head of the Securities and Commodities Authority, announced, on Saturday, that all ships are in ready mode … transiting “the Isthmus of Suez,” according to a statement issued by the authority.

Evergiven, which has a length of more than 400 meters, was re-floated on March 29 after a long and complicated operation.

The Panama-flagged ship, operated by Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corporation, was towed that day to Great Bitter Lake, in the middle of the Suez Canal. That same night, traffic between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea resumed.

The accident, unusual for maritime trade, paralyzed traffic for a week.

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The Securities and Commodities Authority said a total of 422 vessels carrying 26 million tons of cargo remained closed.

The statement said that the last people waiting for their turn to cross the canal were 61 years old, and they did so in the past hours, as well as “24 other new ships.”

About 19,000 ships crossed the canal in 2020, according to the Securities and Commodities Authority; That’s an average of 51 ships per day.

Photo: AP


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