Alondra, a young woman who changed science for politics wants to bring sympathy to Congress – Pacific Station

Alondra, a young woman who changed science for politics wants to bring sympathy to Congress – Pacific Station

Candidate of the Green Environment Party of Mexico (PVEM), to District 1 Local Council, Alondra Lopez, He indicated that the way politicians should behave is to be more compassionate and generate citizen participation to build trust.

When answering the questionnaire # 10 The Basics – to what Submit Candidates Who Share Any Position In Colima – Lopez noted that in order to change policy, they must start doing things differently, return to the colonies, attend and serve the people.

1. What is your political path?

“I am Alondra Lopez, I started getting involved in politics at the age of fourteen, from high school. I was going to be a scientist, I was going to math competitions, I was in tournaments, in my group of friends we were scientists, but the teacher convinced me to participate; she was also a group leader, and she convinced me Turning my career into politics. From there I started making a life plan in which I said, “This will be my job, and I will prepare for it.” I was the head of high school, for my high school, then we started participating in student opposition that tried to defend our university’s democracy, and from there I crossed over to Colima University Law School, and there I got a lot on the subject of investigations into election law. “

“They invite me to be part of a political party, and the leadership is given to a group of pure youth, and at that time the citizen movement participated in the role of Secretary General of the State Party, which gives me the opportunity to travel, to find out, and to immerse myself a lot more in this topic. I had this role when he was I am 19 years old, which allowed me to run away and learn a lot. After that I started to participate in the Governor’s campaign 2015 to coordinate the youth part of the state. There I started to return to the issue of activism, we had a group called Generación 21 that spoke against corruption, promoted transparency, and then we changed a little bit into 2018 to what we call Podemos Colima, where we dealt with Yes. Criticize, but also to generate actions that will improve Colima: reforestation campaigns, river cleanups, training courses and workshops for vulnerable groups. “

2. What is behind your political life, who are you?

“A woman who is very assertive, hard-working, and very determined in what she wants; I think I am a person of strong character and if he decides to do something, he will not leave him in the middle of the road, we will finish it.”

3. How do you understand the work of a local attorney?

“I strongly believe that MPs have a fundamental mission to improve the way we all move forward; also the issue of monitoring how resources are distributed, where they are arriving and how they are spent. We have to vote for the people who have now shown that they can speak for the interests of the citizens and not for the groups that will take the money in.” Another place; I also think that the issue of managing the colonies in your area as a deputy is very important because our county colonies need one to understand what they need to convey the message to the mayor or mayor, and what our colonies are. They need one of our main obligations is that to be in the colonies and I firmly believe in this We must work in the colonies. “

4. To what extent must surrender to achieve agreements and a majority?

“I think giving up in order not to have to betray people’s trust; precisely because you do not have a majority, or that you are in opposition, I think it is not right to be against everything that the person in front proposes, or in favor of everything that your seat proposes, you should review Carefully what is actually, it is in the interest of the people, if things go according to the interests of the people and also the well-being of our country, I think it is what we should all support. We will not support everything just because “Oh, our party proposes it and we will push it there”, no, we have to see Every detail, and with that we are fully committed to the people. “

5. What will be your repair priority?

“The main factor, I think what we have now is to support everything that strengthens the momentum of our trade, our companies, and I think there will be a key, and generating financial incentives for private companies will be one of our most important business flags, because we are all affected by the epidemic now, and we are working to encourage the economic issue again. So that we can benefit from all of them and the merchants and businessmen take our support. “

6. Why is the bad image of MPs and how to reverse it?

“I think that for years and years the people’s distrust of actors who did not really represent the interests of the people, it is the natural wear and tear of the politicians who did not comply, and sometimes because of them we end also until the new loses the new, but it is natural, it is natural that people do not trust a group of politicians who did not They have been complying with them for years. To reverse the bad image the politicians have, the policy has to change, we have to start doing things differently, we have to start pleasing people, go back to the colonies, attend; if you go out, most people have the same complaint, “Hey, You know what? They don’t come back, they don’t care about me, it’s practically as if we don’t have actors, “We have to start turning that on, and once that changes, maybe we can regain people’s trust.”

7. What will happen to you to say “Mission accomplished”?

“I think that returning to the colonies of my area and they are not displacing me as the other deputies did. I think that returning and a good reception will be the greatest reward I will get as a deputy.”

8. Is the legislature really independent of the executive?

“I think that the independence of the councils has always been assigned, whether at the state or national level, and the truth is that the fact that the executive has more powers, or that it has a greater concentration of power, has always hindered the independence of the legislature, which we have to do is fight the control of Their rulers, of course, everything is good and must happen, but we guarantee its true independence in order to protect the interests of the citizens. We faced a lot of problems here, and we have already seen them with the arrival of the majority but in the end the ruler extended and thwarted them; no one can prevent the executive from Putting his hand in practice, he will try, but one must stop it from the inside. “

9. What political figure do you like?

“What was my favorite a few years ago has just died; but I live, love Obama, because of the charisma issue and regardless of the movement that gave birth to citizen participation from his government, this influence pleases me very much; Trudeau from Canada is interesting to me too, he is a more advanced man. And more open; I think we must go down this path, towards the more sympathetic politicians who generate that participation from the citizens themselves and this sympathy because in the crisis of representation that we are living in, we employ people who generate confidence, if we do not have it is difficult to find someone who has the will to generate Great things, we are busy politicians who know how to unite wills and not attack. “

10. What are the three books that have characterized your life?

“Los Miserables” by Victor Hugo, my favorite book, is awesome; A Hundred Years of Solitude, a literary masterpiece, some say it is half smoked, but the truth is that it is very good, and “the colonel has no one to write to,” by Gabriel García Márquez, she is very beautiful. Marquis is one of my favorite authors, and there is an intriguing part because he mentions Iturbide, this character who says in a certain way that we owe him a lot because the history books always distinguish him as the bad guy in a certain way, so there’s a very nice paragraph about Iturbide that I really like. ‘

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