Alternative medicine, over a trend in Zacatecas


The World Health Organization (The World Health Organization) defines alternative or complementary medicine as a health care practice “It is not part of the traditions or traditional medicine of a particular country, and it is not fully integrated into the mainstream health system.” In some countries, like ours, they are used interchangeably with traditional medicine.

Based on the definition of the World Health Organization, Federal Health Secretariat He identifies the four areas of greatest presence:

  • herbs: Botany is used as the main focus. Through the use of different parts, extracts and compositions of plants, curative, curative and even preventive results are sought.
  • chiropractic treatment: Those who are dedicated to this area make adjustments to different parts of the body through manual treatments; These can range from vertebrae and joints to soft tissues.
  • Natural treatment: It is assumed that the body has the ability to heal itself by administering small doses of substances of animal, vegetable or mineral origin, dissolved in water or alcohol.
  • Acupuncture: It consists in stimulating certain points of the body with sterile metal needles and similar methods. Depends on the location of the “meridians”; According to Chinese medicine, channels around the body in which energy flows.

Although there are many studies on alternative medicine in the world, its effect on the health of the population is still unknown. Many clinicians incorporate knowledge about these practices into their training, with the goal of instructing patients about the effects of some.

Out of the ordinary, inside Zacatecas

In Zacatecas, one of the most responsive areas in this area was UAZ Alternative Medicine Clinic, where one of the most requested services was physical therapy, followed by acupuncture and ozone therapy.

Following the same line, only in the area that includes the Metropolitan Municipality and its neighbor Guadalupe, there are a series of clinics, centers and health food stores dedicated to alternative medicine. The areas in which they work are the following:

  • Holistic medicine with oriental roots: Heal the whole body and not just pay attention to the current disease.
  • natural therapy: Enhance the healing capacity of the body based on natural actions.
  • Reiki treatmentDirecting vital energy to achieve balance and peace
  • Acupuncture
  • Natural treatment
  • chiropractic treatment

It is important to remember that some of these practices do not have medical support, so the responsibility lies with those who go to them.

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