America warns the new convoy: “The borders are not open” | international | News

America warns the new convoy: “The borders are not open” |  international |  News

“Borders are closed. Don’t take risks.” is the harsh message sent by Brian Nichols, US Under Secretary of State for Latin America, To the largest caravan of migrants in recent years passing through southern Mexico bound for the United States.

In an interview with Efe, the official explained that during the Ninth Summit of the Americas, which is being held this week in Los Angeles, His government is seeking agreements to curb migration flows on the continent He is in contact with many countries to receive refugees.

Question – What immigration agreements are you trying to close during this summit?

Response – The Summit addresses the most important issues for the people of the hemisphere: democracy, climate change, health, Internet access, and better job opportunities. This gives us the ability to provide a better quality of life for people in their countries.

In parallel, we are negotiating the Los Angeles Agreement on Immigration and Protection, which includes an investment of resources in countries fighting irregular immigration.

Q – Have you talked to Canada and Spain about receiving refugees from the region?

A – There is a global migration crisis. We are talking with our partners around the world to enhance opportunities to receive refugees and support vulnerable populations in their countries. It is a conversation we have had with a large number of countries and I hope to be able to announce concrete achievements during this week.

Q – But have you talked about this with Canada and Spain?

R- That’s what I said. We are talking to a large number of countries in the hemisphere and in other parts of the world.

Q – A caravan carrying 15,000 immigrants has just left southern Mexico for the United States. It is the largest in recent years. What is your message to them?

A- The borders of the United States are not open. Entry into the United States depends on a legal reason for entry and what I tell these people is not to risk their lives on a long journey that will not lead to entry into the United States.

Q: You did not invite Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua to the summit. Can the Migration Convention be terminated without the participation of these immigrant-emitting countries?

– We had discussions on immigration with the Cuban government this year. We have resumed visa issuance in Havana and increased the amount of remittance Americans can send to the island.

We are also in talks on the issue of immigration with the Government of Nicaragua. It’s something that can be dealt with in other ways, without them being at an event that has a tradition of focusing on democracy.

Q – How is the relationship with Mexico after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ruled out his assistance?

A – We have a very dynamic relationship with Mexico. We are pleased to welcome Secretary of State Marcelo Ebrard, and President Lopez Obrador is going to the White House next month. We have contacts with Mexicans in government, civil society and the private sector and there is a wide representation at this event.

Q – Have you invited the Venezuelan Juan Guaido?

A- The head of the interim government that we recognize (Guaido) is not invited to the summit, but there will be the participation of some members of the Venezuelan interim government in some events around the summit.

President Joe Biden will speak with Juan Guaido soon. We will always maintain our support for the negotiation process between the Common Statute and the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Q- So, will Biden call Guaido?

A- Yes, at any time. (YO)

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