An African Bible in the room of the Caja Segovia Foundation


In 11 years they have performed 1,500 concerts, 7 albums, 11 international awards, a virtual library of African voices (Kiawa, by Educardo Tarilonte), and they have collaborated on the film’s soundtrack. the home, composed by Roque Banius and in September 2021 they were invited to sing in the Vatican, at a charity event. Everywhere, they praise the beauty of their voices and the tremendous work that supports them.

5 warm voices, four boys and a girl full of humor, joy and vitality. A cappella songs, theatrical, animated, entertaining. They sing African gospel, and a lot of Zulu gospel, but they also make forays into ethnic singing and pop.

Its members usually reside in Uganda and regularly travel to Europe to sing on various stages.

Abba Tanu Originated from the Music Choir to Save Lives, a humanitarian project that has been around since 2005 in Uganda.

Music to save lives It was created in Uganda in 2005 with the aim of saving children who have experienced total abandonment and who have fallen into our hands, without us programming it. Our first intention was to move forward, so that they could survive on their own, but as soon as we set foot in Africa, we received many requests … Dropouts are frequent there and it is difficult to ignore such a situation

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