Heading to Hell, the most-watched new series on Netflix


Analytics firm FlixPatrol, an expert on the entire topic of the series, confirmed that The Squid Game has been eliminated as the most watched series on Netflix by another Asian thriller.

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This is “Heading to Hell”, a South Korean production, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, best known for directing “Zombie Station”. According to the report, this series is already number one in South Korea, Mexico and Belgium, in addition to being in the top three for the United States, Canada, Germany and some Latin American countries.

The game “Rumbo al inferno” continues to gain followers, as it is noteworthy that it has replaced the “Squid game” which has been primarily for more than 45 days.

What is the series about?

The series is based on the Asian comic strip of the same name. During six episodes a little shorter than an hour, the viewer is immersed in a terrifying scenario in which humans face their final judgment, So some “angels” come into the world to take the chosen souls to Hell.

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The situation begets the creation of the “New Church of Truth,” in which humans who consider these savage angels to be united as divine law. Under this assumption, a series that already has two seasons was developed.

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