An American company offers artwork for 80 thousand per month – Uno TV

An American company offers artwork for 80 thousand per month – Uno TV
If you are looking for a job in the United States, a company that makes aluminum containers will offer you to work as a technician for 80,000 pesos a month.
An American company offers work for 80 thousand per month. Photo: Getty Images

Let’s start the year 2023 with a lot of desireAnd This is your chance if you are looking for a job in the United States (EU). A recognized company specializing in the manufacture of aluminum packaging Works with global brand offerings I work as a mechanical and electrical maintenance technician for 80,000 pesos per month.

Job portal for Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Post this job offer in No need to speak Englishbut only It will be available until January 31, 2023. They also require that you have availability to travel.

What profile and experience do you need for this job in the United States?

About technicians And engineers in the mechanical and electrical maintenance of aluminum container processing machinery They must have a certificate in mechanics, electricity, mechatronics, electromechanics, metallurgical mechanics and related professions.

Basic experience What this company is asking is that you have Worked at least 1 year in the maintenance and repair of aluminum packaging machineryas they are body makeovers, spraynecker and pallets.

What requirements do you need to be hired?

  • Bachelor’s degree academic level
  • Technical degree or related degree
  • 2 to 3 years of experience as a technician in the mechanical and electrical maintenance of aluminum processing machinery is preferred
  • Knowledge of machine setup and operation, types of cutting tools, coolants, lubricants, and machine tool feed and speeds
  • Prepare and test housings and other equipment under power tests for mechanical difficulties
  • Knowledge of synchronization and alignment between the operation of different machines and their mechanical principles involved in repair and overhaul tasks
  • Rebuild, repair, or overhaul any box-making equipment

What does the contracting company offer?

  • Dental care insurance
  • Medical advisory care insurance
  • life insurance
  • Employment pension plans
  • Indefinite contract

What are the jobs and hours?

Among the functions that you will perform in this Action They are that you should make a proper diagnosis, Adjust, repair, and configure assigned equipment; Can prepare and test making And other equipment subject to power tests, as well Handling a wide range of precision measuring and calibration instrumentsamong others.

Square Action Exactly that will work “some days”without specifying whether it is from Monday to Friday or including weekends, but it is explained Your hours will be from 07:00 to 19:00. If you want more details about the recruitment process, we leave it up to you Link Where can you inquire about this opportunity?

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