Ana Aponte will compete for the world record in skydiving in the United States

Ana Aponte will compete for the world record in skydiving in the United States
The Colombian will climb more than 21,000 feet to set the world record

Ana Aponte is a Colombian who decided to take free fall as a way of life, and today she is considered one of the best athletes in the world to perform skydiving jumps, because the title is not free, she has about 5 thousand jumps and already has two world records on the back.

The next challenge will be in Ottawa, USA, where he will perform with 217 athletes from around the world to set a new world record in skydiving. They will have the achievement of flying on their head at speeds of more than 320 kilometers per hour.

Anna Aponte will be the only South American in this sporting event.

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Anna Aponte was part of the 2016 world record for women shaving their heads while holding hands. At the time, there were 65 skydivers who achieved this and now the challenge is much greater.

The Colombian jumps more than 20,000 feet to commemorate the dead, along with a Venezuelan, American, Mexican and Italian.

In this new challenge, the Colombian will accompany men and women from all over the world with a single task of joining hands in the sky, forming a character as they descend in free fall.

The task is to break the previous record that since 2015, 164 people have been defeated by diving first. This will be the second attempt to break the record with over 200 people together, and the first was in 2018.

Athletes will jump at 21,000 feet, so before leaving the plane, they will be provided with oxygen to avoid hypoxia, a common challenge faced in this extreme sport. To break the mark, participants must do more than 10 pre-training jumps and will also fly with outside photographers filming the formation from different angles. Everyone should have their hands connected at the same time. Once the judges analyze the recordings and verify that no athlete was separated from the group at the time of relegation, the world record will be officially broken.

“Creating this record will be a benchmark for skydiving in the world and for humanity by proving that human potential has no limits. It is a feat of high levels of complexity, which is why physical preparation, but above all mental and spiritual preparation, is of vital importance” The athlete added.

On her return to the country, the player will lead the organization of the first South American women’s flying record and the first Colombian mixed world record, an unprecedented and unprecedented event in Colombia, which will take place in Ricorte, Cundinamarca, starting September 3. to 9.

“We are a group of women who reap achievements in a sport that was thought to be for men, and we want to create global leaders who can inspire others,” she affirmed.

Anna Aponte

In addition to being a visual artist, Anna has been dedicated to professional skydiving for 15 years and already has 5,000 jumps. She is one of the creators of Xielo Skydive Colombia School and is there where she does her job as a load organizer and coach, inspiring and making the sport grow.

“The immense happiness that skydiving gave me, which was another challenge in my life. I’ve always been very athletic, I’ve been a member of the school and university football team. I’ve run marathons, I’ve done it all, but I’ve never had the chance to do that kind of thing. It is a sport where there are a lot of actions and a lot of different things. You have to study and try”, he said in the newspaper El País de Cali.

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