Animal Crossing New Horizons sells in the Microsoft Store for under $ 100 pesos, but …


We have seen many games trying to replicate the success Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAnd the But this version takes that concept to another level. If you have browsed a file Microsoft Store Recently, you might have come across a page for the game of the same name which is available for mobile and PC.

And yes, Microsoft Store Selling The animal crossed new heights to HugoStudioLab For only $ 2.99, but other than the official name and art, it doesn’t share any resemblance to the original work. Alarmingly, it has been available since March 23 of this year. Here you can see his official description along with some pictures:

“Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game where a farm allows its animals to escape. Help them cross the city without being run over – 5 different characters – different levels of difficulty – leaderboard.”

Basically, this is a clone that has nothing to do with a game Nintendo Converts, And look at how stringent files are Great n For this type of copy, we want to believe that removing it will not take long.


Fountain: Microsoft Store

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