Announced for mobile devices, Our Planet is a fantastic science fiction adventure similar to No Man’s Sky


In the past hours, Tencent held a conference to showcase some of the video games it owns, and one of those games it presented Our planet, A new position in charge of Wumai Technology to be launched in iOS and Android.

The game in question will be a A science fiction exploration adventure in an open world format. This will take us to explore all kinds of planets with their respective biomes, creatures and scenarios which look absolutely fantastic thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine it uses.

It takes only a few seconds for the first trailer to realize its great resemblance to No Man’s Sky due to the main mechanisms. In addition, we will have Total freedom to explore different worlds Being able to dive in water, swim across oceans, run across fields, fly in the air with a jetpack or even go into space with a spacecraft.

From what looks like we’re going to have a chance, too Get on the ice in snowy places or ride creatures Similar to a horse. In short, your cover letter gives the impression that we can expect something very good from it Our planet, Although it is too early at the moment to know when it will arrive, whether it will be launched worldwide or whether it will be launched on platforms other than mobile devices.

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