Apple US Ranking: Top 10 songs with the most copies today Saturday 20 November


Why are you wasting your time Browse for hours at Apple When the streaming service has already done the work for you?

We discussed your list with Most streamed songs in the US, which ranks them according to the number of real-time listeners. Keep scrolling to see which are the most popular this week.

1. easy for me

Adele’s tone has taken a place among the favourites at the moment. Therefore, it remains in first place.

2. my little love

With a positive difference of 41, today Adele’s new song is at number two in the list of songs preferred by listeners.

3. My God

Adele’s latest song “Oh My God” goes straight to number three on the favorites list. Will you rank first in the preferences?

4. Strangers by nature

Adele’s “Strangers By Nature” is now playing on this platform, after climbing classification to 4th place. Yesterday he was 26th, but the fans decided to continue his climb.

5. drink wine

With a positive lead of 112, Adele’s “I Drink Wine” continues to make its way into the charts. Today it is in fifth place. Will it continue to rise, or will this be the end of its rise?

6. cry from your heart

“Cry Your Heart Out” premieres today in this classification. Adele’s crushing hit gives a lot to talk about. Attractive, perfect, she has so much potential… what more could you ask for than a song?

7. can i have it

“Can I Get It” keeps ringing flowAfter it climbed to 114 places in the favorites lists and got the seventh place.

8. to be loved

Adele’s latest single is already looming large as a new classic. Today, “To Be Loved” is one step ahead of the most streamed songs on this platform flow.

9. woman like me

Adele’s “Woman Like Me” continues to climb the charts non-stop. Currently, it ranks 9th, up from 166 where it was yesterday.

10. cling to

Reaping success is synonymous with Adele. So it’s no surprise that his new production, called “Hold On”, debuted at number ten at the time. Who else can boast of getting so many first entry views?

Apple wins the hearts of its listeners with the best music offerings. What topics will the American public prefer in the future? What will be the next number that will become a reference?

Wait for the answers.

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