Artists, experts and NGOs ask the EU to stop the expansion of gas in Africa – biodiversity

Artists, experts and NGOs ask the EU to stop the expansion of gas in Africa – biodiversity

Public figures such as actress Alba Flores or climate expert Fernando Valadares, as well as civil society organizations, have called on Spain and the European Union to stop the “race for gas” in Africa and instead favor the deployment of renewable energy.

According to a press release issued by several organizations, this request was conveyed by “hundreds of celebrities and NGOs” to various EU leaders in a letter delivered, among other things, to the head of government, Pedro Sánchez, to the Minister of Transition, Environment and Demographic Challenge, Theresa Ribera, to the Heads of State of Germany, Italy and France and to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

Supported by famous artists and professionals in Spain, such as CSIC researcher and climate activist Fernando Valadares or actress Alba Flores, known for her performance in series such as ‘La casa de papel’-, the message has been supported by hundreds of environmental experts. Scientific organizations, institutions and movements in Europe and Africa.

The press release was published in Spain by the Council for Global Strategic Communications, Environmental Scientists at Work, the Global Gas and Oil Communications Network, and the Fossil Fuel Treaty Initiative

Signatories include, for example, Climate Action Network Europe, Global Witness, Friends of the Earth, German Watch, Laudato C Movement, CSIC, Club of Rome, Transport and the Environment. Urgewald, African Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, OilWatch Africa or Friday for Future.

The letter was also signed by individuals such as French MEP Marie Toussaint; Portuguese actor Gonzalo Deniz or German activist Luisa Neubauer who has nearly 420,000 followers on Twitter.

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