Find out where Wakanda is in real life

Find out where Wakanda is in real life

Does Wakanda exist in the real world? Find out where Black Panther City is.

Ever since Black Panther arrived in the MCU, the mantra of the inhabitants of this fictional African country has stuck in our minds: “Wakanda Forever”. Arms Crossed at X, has become a tribute paid by the late Chadwick Boseman, embraced by all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans as their own.

Although it is a country that does not exist in real life, as it turns out, it does have a fictitious location and some real elements upon which it was built in its creation. Wakanda debuted in 1966, during the 44th issue of The Fantastic Fouris created by Stan Lee And Jack Kirby.

These are the actual items they relied on to put Wakanda into the Marvel universe.

Where is it in the real world?

If we based on the comics, specifically on the number 2 of “Marvel Atlas”, Wakanda is located between South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, all this if we look from the north Lake Turkana. Previously, while introducing the Fantastic Four, Wakanda was described as a nation in East Africa.

In the world of Marvel movies and series, the director of the film, Ryan Coogle . is located Wakanda in South AfricaRather, it is surrounded by South Africa, in a country not well known, called the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The case of Wakanda according to the Marvel Atlas.

The time when America acted like Wakanda was real

Yes, this has happened. And we know this because the USDA named Wakanda one of their trading partners, we know this thanks to the fact that a user discovered it and shared it with the world.

According to alleged reports, the United States was going to trade chickens, horses, and cows, among other animals, all of which are truly surreal. After all this spread widely and reached the United States government, the US Department of Agriculturewho responded with a humorous tone to everything that actually happened in 2019:

As we remove the Kingdom of Wakanda from our list of US Free Trade Partners, our relationship will always remain strong #WakandaForever

US Department of Agriculture.

As you’ve seen, far from getting to know where this Marvel country is, I’ve seen this fictional nation become part of our world for a few moments, and in a somewhat comical way. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens in theaters November 11, and will take Wakanda against another fictional nation believed to have existed in our world, Atlantis, although this time in an Aztec adaptation, with namurplayed by Tenoc Huerta.

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