As TED Science talks, in Xalapa: UV rays will celebrate Science Culture Day


The University of Veracruzana (UV), through the Directorate of Scientific Communication (DCC), celebrates the International Day of Scientific Culture, with the implementation of the Science Narratives Project named: “CHIWINÁ”; Aimed at the general public of all ages, it opens this Tuesday, 7 September, at 4:00 pm, at the Kano Museum.

It is worth noting that the highest study house is a member of the network of institutional partners of the Mexican Association for the Disclosure of Science and Technology AC (SOMEDICYT), a body that organizes the International Day for Scientific Culture (DICC), on September 28.

This celebration aims to highlight the importance of scientific culture in the world, and the work of the promoter of science and related to it.

For this reason, DCC-UV joins this important festival, in coordination with the Veracruz Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development (COVEICYDET), through Museo Kano: Museum of Science and Technology of Veracruz.

The “CHIWINÁ” Science Storytelling Project will be held every Tuesday in September, under the concept of Science Outreach Talks in the TED Talk format.

In other words, through a dynamic, clear and straightforward structure, attendees will be able to appreciate the emotion generated by the advancement of knowledge, and can be part of that process.

Access is free, and by answering the exit questionnaire, each attendee will be awarded a free entry ticket to the Kano Museum.

Speakers are researchers from this study house, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IIA), the College of Accounting and Management (FCA), the College of Physics, the Institute of Anthropology (IA), and the College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. (FMVZ), which will address specific topics, such as: scientific monologues, robotics, anthropology and the importance of light.

Likewise, cinema and publishing. The green relationship between information technology and the sustainability of the planet; Science in farm animal operations. And everything related to our planets.

Therefore, the general public has been invited to attend this opening, at the Museo de Cano, located on Murillo Vidal Street, No. 1735.

The full program can be viewed at the following link:

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