Aviation Security: In July, they reported the result of the verification conducted by the United States

Aviation Security: In July, they reported the result of the verification conducted by the United States

Mexico continues in the process of Back to Class 1 in Flight Safety In the coming months, after seven meetings with specialists from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA for its English acronym (for the United States), the Federal Civil Aviation Agency reported (horizons), a decentralized agency for the Secretariat for Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT).

The agency indicated that the technical review was carried out last week, at the invitation of Afaq itself, in which FAA inspectors and representatives of commercial airlines participated.

“The The results of this verification will be announced within the next 30 days. It was a preliminary analysis for the final review that will take place in the coming months,” he explained.

He explained that during the review conducted from June 13 to 17, aspects related to Aviation legislation, financial and budgetary resources and sufficient staffingSufficient and with the relevant schedules, certification, control and operation of various technical and air inspection systems.

He noted that no date has yet been set for the next assessment with FAA personnel, but noted that it is from the start at the latest Of the 10 reviews, seven have been implemented so far.

He said SICT’s ultimate goal is not only to restore Class 1 in aviation, but to give continuity to the process of administrative, financial and training improvement, ensuring the safety of the millions of Mexicans who use air navigation services, alike. At domestic and foreign airports.

“In addition, we seek to be prepared for any review that the FAA or any other international aviation organization wishes to carry out in the future.”

At the end of May, the federal government announced that the US Federal Aviation Administration had postponed a technical review visit scheduled to begin on Monday and end on Friday, which Delays our country’s Class 1 recovery in operational integrity it lost after audit in 2021.

The notification was sent to the Director General of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), General Carlos Antonio Rodríguez Mongoya.

The Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat stated that the purpose of the visit was to assess the current situation of the Mexican agency on various issues.

The government said that the results identified will allow to move to the last stage consisting of a new audit and with this measure will be able to restore Class 1 in operational safety, which is granted by that body.

Between October 2020 and February 2021, the US agency conducted an audit of the Mexican air system, which ended with 28 results and a Class 1 recall in operational safety.

According to the Mexican government, the results identified are “already closed”, “However, the staff of the Anti-Corruption Department is in the process of continuous improvement, to ensure a positive result in the next review.”

The Mexican government said it was ready to receive the experts “the moment they decide to do so and to immediately pay attention to their observations.”

The announcement was made a few days after the ongoing “fly in the air” maneuvers began to be recorded due to alleged errors by air traffic controllers, given the ongoing traffic at Mexico City International Airport.

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