Bad News: Mamoswine and Sylveon Won’t Finally Arrive To Pokémon Unite Tomorrow – Nintenderos


After confirmation What’s new for tomorrow with a new trailer and more next to A message with Spanish access and other information, in addition to modifications On different playable charactersNow we continue to receive more news related to pokemon unite. This time they are associated with the arrival of new characters.

Although he thought they could arrive tomorrow Mamoswin and Sylvion In the game with the advent of the mobile version, it seems that it will not be. And in a message posted by the game’s official account on Twitter, their arrival was confirmed LaterThere is no specific date at the moment.

We leave you with the text:

We remind you that Pokémon Unite is a team combat strategy game developed by The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios, from Tencent Games. It is a free-to-download game with cross-platform calling functionality for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In this title, players face each other in 5v5 team matches. During the game, players will have to team up with their teammates to catch wild Pokémon, level up, evolve, and defeat their opponents, while trying to score more points than the opponent. team on time.

what do you think? You can find our full coverage of the game, including game-specific news and guides, at this link.


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