Badgers are abroad for summer training

Thanks International Training Program (IIP) Students who shared their adventures on Instagram at #MyBadgerSummerWe can share a window into his world of learning, working and walking around the world this summer.

IIP, located International SectionDevelop, identify and enhance students’ professional experiences in foreign organizations.

“Summer is the most popular time to send interns abroad, and the IIP program offers a wide range of opportunities in research, business, healthcare, education, and the arts,” says Carly Stengel, Director of the International Polytechnic Institute. “Our office also supports students in finding opportunities on their own, and we also offer students virtual summer internships.”

This summer, 26 students will participate in in-person trainings in 12 countries (Finland, Spain, Germany, Malawi, Kenya, Israel, Nepal, France, South Korea, Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil) and 16 students will participate as virtual summer interns. In China, Japan, Uganda, Tanzania, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile and Spain.

“Especially this year, students are very interested in traveling abroad and immersing themselves in another culture, and they have already learned a lot about the host country and themselves,” Stengel says. “For example, one of our students in Ecuador talks about how his research in water directly affected the ocean he visited.” (Read more about her experience below.)

IIP also offers in-person and virtual trainings in the fall and spring, but the majority of participants are in the summer. Students can see different Internships are available in the IIP databaseUse in person or by default Advice from IIP or check Acquisition of IEP students on Instagram Learn more.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the Badger sightings participating in IIPs around the world in the Summer 2022 season!

Anna Duggan It is a major emerging major in Biology, Spanish and Environmental Sciences. She is doing a 6-week internship for water quality analysis in the Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve on the coast of Ecuador with Ceiba for Tropical Conservation.

Beach, rocks and blue sky with clouds in Ecuador

Students lean on scientific equipment near a stream

Maddie and Amelia train with Health by All Means in Lunga Lunga, Kenya, teaching life skills, health topics, and women’s empowerment. Maddy Paulo You will graduate at the end of the summer with majors in Spanish and International Studies and Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies. Amelia Taylor He is a growing young man and majored in Rehabilitation Psychology, Health Promotion and Health Equity at the University of Education.

The student is standing in the middle of the room surrounded by smiling Africans.

Student wearing a skirt and writing on the blackboard in class.

Two students in African prints standing and smiling in front of a small hut

Abby Sharp It is a major emerging major in textile and apparel design with a degree in Materials Culture Studies. In Kathmandu, Nepal, they design products that highlight local materials and artisanal practices of the Association of Artisan Producers.

Students with short hair arrive to pet a cat on a brick wall

A group of students, teachers and friends at the outdoor restaurant table, smiling

Thomas Har He is a rookie student studying biochemistry with a biocore degree. He practices his work in Munich, Germany, at Ludwig Maximilian University in a laboratory that studies RNA-binding proteins using fruit flies as an organism.

Tower on the background of a river on a sunny day in Germany

A student draws a W with both hands in front of a university building in Germany.

Catherine “Cat” Saavedra A rising student in the School of Education, majoring in Early Childhood Education and English as a Second Language. She works towards obtaining degrees in studies [email protected] & [email protected] and educational policy studies. Kat is an intern in Seville, Spain, at the English Social Club, studying English.

A student standing in a courtyard in Seville, Spain, smiling

The student writes on the whiteboard with his back to the camera, wearing the mask

Emily Zeller He is a young, up-and-coming student studying supply chain management and sustainable development. He works in Lille, France, as a communications intern at CESI, a graduate university for engineers.

Students in class pose for a smiling group photo

Silhouette of a student walking on the wall with a castle-like building in the background

Maggie Riordan s Taylor Henick Both are elderly and on the rise. Maggie studies English Literature, Political Science and History with a degree in Educational Policy. Taylor studies journalism with a focus on strategic communication and is certified in TESOL. They are training as English language teachers at the International University Exchange Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Students walking down a stone path towards a temple-like building in South Korea

Students wear masks for a group photo in the classroom

A student stands in front of a window overlooking Seoul, South Korea, making a W sign with his hands.

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