Barack Obama meets again with Jacob Philadelphia: They took one of his favorite photos

Barack Obama meets again with Jacob Philadelphia: They took one of his favorite photos
Obama Jacob pictures
Brak Obamathe former US President, met again Yaaqoub Philadelphia, the boy they took someone with him Pictures Favorite. Photo: Agence France-Presse.

May 8, 2009 was when Yaaqoub Philadelphia, a 5-year-old boy, asked Then the Democratic President of the United States, Barack ObamaIf their locks feel the same, celebrity photographer Pete Souza captured one of the… Pictures Political favourite.

13 years after the postcard, Barack Obama He mentioned on Twitter that he almost met her Yaaqoub Philadelphia who recently graduated from high school:

Yaaqoub Philadelphia was five years old when she visited the Oval Office and asked if her hair was the same as mine. make one of my Pictures Favorite: A reminder of the power of seeing yourself in your leaders. Today he graduates from high school! “

one of Pictures Favorite

In the virtual meeting, Yaaqoub Philadelphia informed former President Barack Obama:

“I remember she told me her hair would be gray the next time we met.”.

Brak Obama He has this and more in his office Pictures of its management; Yaaqoub Philadelphia was in the White House Because his father was accompanied by a sailor who served in the office Homeland Security: Is your hair the same as mine? The former president recalled the question.

For the African American community, Pete Souza’s photography became a reflection of the progress of civil rights; after a question Yaaqoub Philadelphia, Barack Obama And he said to the boy, Well, do you want to look and examine?

Obama s Yaaqoub

Then Braak Obama ask How the boy thought about his hair: “Yes, I think it is much prettier From me.” All this context is what made that one of the Pictures Favorites of the Democrat who asserts that the picture gives him “hope”.

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