AMLO’s ‘tantrum’ deteriorates the level of dialogue with the United States and is left alone by presidents: Riva Palacio

AMLO’s ‘tantrum’ deteriorates the level of dialogue with the United States and is left alone by presidents: Riva Palacio

The top of the americas It’s getting closer to implementation every day, and with the assertion of the majority of countries that initially opposed it, as did the president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThe ‘Tantrum’ The president does not seem to have any influence, as the journalist expressed in his column Raymond Riva Palacio.

journalist Raimondo Riva Palacio It was noted in his last column “Strictly Personal” despite of Lopez Obrador He received an instant crushing blow last week that enabled him, after he announced his position not to attend summitOne day after returning from Biden Cuba easing of economic sanctions Cuba and Venezuela, The neighbor in the north “reduced” the dialogue with the Mexican president.

He said: “Biden sent to Mexico Christopher Dodd, the special adviser to the summit, who did not finally arrive because he was infected with COVID-19, which was not an obstacle for him to travel to Brazil to invite President Jair Bolsonaro. Dodd assured him that on the same Wednesday they chatted Talk by zoom, or the next day, he’ll have Biden’s answer. The president’s message never got through, it came from his government.”Riva said.

The journalist stated that the level of dialogue with White House The level of dialogue has deteriorated, leaving the invitation to the President’s summit in limbo.

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From the start, they lowered the level of their dialogue. Biden did not speak with him, nor with Vice President Kamala Harris, Ambassador Plenipotentiary John Kerry, or Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who were in direct dialogue with Lopez Obrador. With whom to speak and who will receive answers from Washington, it will be the ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, confirmed last Friday by the White House National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan. Thus, Biden lowered the level of dialogue and closed the window in the White House, opening on Reforma 305.”

behind the AMLO . Tantrumjust yesterday received Official invitation to the summit While some leaders who allied themselves with the Mexican left him alone if they were to attend the event.

“The ongoing definition of who and who will not sit at the summit table has left President Lopez Obrador in a quandary, into which he entered because of the lightness of his statement, and the ingenuity and impotence of those who got him into it..

Lopez Obrador’s initial position is shrinking before US diplomacy. Bolsonaro is the most important record reached, as Brazil is the main power in Latin America. Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernandez, a staunch ally of Lopez Obrador, has distanced himself and, even with some reservations, will travel to Los Angeles. The President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, who initially joined Lopez Obrador, is no longer sure of following him and is reconsidering participation in the summit”.

The journalist recommended the President of the Republic Attend the meeting and stop throwing “tantrums”. Because the leaders of Latin America left him alone.

“López Obrador has been left alone. His public pressure on Biden has failed and he has to cut his losses by participating in the summit, justifying his presence in Los Angeles by rejecting Díaz-Canel and Ortega. His absolute position led him into a dilemma. Now is the time to move away from the tantrum and act pragmatic.”is over.

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