Barcelona will once again be a great space to bring science and knowledge closer to all citizens


Many activities Biennial of City and Science It revolves around the boundaries of the planet, society, and science itself, and imposes the consequences that exceeding them can have on people, humanity and the environment.

More than 250 activities to bring science closer to citizens

This year there will be more than One hundred activities scheduled By curators and various organizations, 120 proposals from the Science Festival and 30 activities from + Biennials, proposals in parallel organized by the entities and facilities of the city.

The activities will take place in approximately forty places spread over all the neighborhoods of the city and will include discussions, round tables and talks; Six open-air cinema sessions with debate; Exhibitions; Science Night, which will be held on June 11, and the Science Festival, which will conclude the second edition of the City and Science Biennial.

All program activities will comply with all security procedures. The spaces will be mostly open; Capacity, limited, and all activities, except for some, will require Pre-registration through the City and Science Biennial website. The registration period will open on May 25.

Science Figures and References

During the celebration of the City and Science Biennial, great references from the world of science and knowledge will pass through the city, such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner Ernst Kahan; Physicist and publisher Sonia Fernandez Vidal; Biology experts such as Donna Harway, Michael Levine, and Ron Weiss. Curator Monica Bello, or geographer Oriole Nilo, is among many others.

There will be no shortage of physicists, historians, astronauts, molecular biologists, chefs, mathematicians, philosophers, anthropologists, economists, and promoters.

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