India: The largest geographic inscriptions in history – science – life have been discovered


Two French worlds discovered in a desert revenge, In India, what will be The largest geographic inscriptions discovered so far in the worldAlso published in Volume 27 of Archaeological investigations in Asia, An academic journal.

The study was conducted from Google Earth. Researchers were able to identify eight sites in the Jaisalmer area with geometric lines.

Geoglyphs are shapes that are “drawn” on the ground or on mountain slopes. Many of the best known are the so-called The ‘Nazca Lines’, Southern Peru.

In the research they said that data had been collected in the field along with images taken by a drone for the size of the lines. What scientists Carlo Oethimer and Johan Authemer found near Boha were two geometric shapes.

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The first is a gigantic spiral, and the second is a “atypical snake”. Both are connected by a set of zig-zag or zig-zag lines.


The Trinity occupies 20.8 hectares It is more than half of the 48 km of streaks that have been observed.

But they also point to another finding: Three memorials in key points explain that knowledge of planetary measurement was used to create this design.

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Scientists used hypothetical construction methods to determine the origin of these lines. As they explain, It can be at least 150 years old They were attached to the stones surrounding it which had been used by Hindus in the commemoration.

In the conclusion of the study, they indicated that these geoglyphs would be the largest discovery worldwide and for the first time in the Indian subcontinent.


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