Barilochense can be watched on Amazon Prime Video


Nacho Aguirre’s work is the first from Patagonia to hit one of the great video-on-demand platforms. Filmed here and the cast mostly consists of actors and actresses from this city.

Full of noise and pain was a milestone in the history of Barilocheans cinema: it was the first film with a domestic and even Patagonian bill to hit one of the great VOD platforms. In fact, the film that had Nacho Aguirre as director and Romina Coronel as executive producer, can be seen since last week on Amazon Prime Video, one of the giants of digital cinema.

El Cordillerano wanted to talk about the achievement with the producer. “For the film and for us, the filmmakers, it is very important to be on Amazon Prime Video, which is a very important international platform for video on demand. He confirmed their interest in this film and it seemed to them that it could be part of their catalog in the United States and throughout Latin America. A very important distribution step.”

Among the four protagonists of the film, three are residents of this city: Juan Alari, Facundo Saez Sanudo and Emmanuel Gallardo. Barilochenses are also the supporting actors and actresses, at least the vast majority. Likewise, the sites and landscapes in which the plot of land runs from here. At the end of last year, it was launched in the country via CINE.AR TV and CINE.AR. “It had a very good effect, with a very large audience,” Coronel said.

Romina Coronel.

But the road continues. “I think that, as I said, it is the first film from Bariloche and even Patagonia to reach an international platform with these characteristics and one of the most widely used films at the moment,” the producer emphasized. “Beyond Pride, it’s an appreciation for all the efforts made to produce the film,” he said. In the city, it can be seen at the 2019 edition of the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival (FAB).

Its inclusion in Prime Video was explained because “full of noise and pain, it had so many attractions that were interesting: the story it told, the genre it was chosen to make – a Western Patagonian style – and all the artistic development of the film,” appreciates Colonel. “For us it is a motivation, after visiting many national and international festivals.”

During the week that the film is elapsed “it’s at the Santiago del Estero International Film Festival and has already been at other times, in Chile and Spain and at the Marché du Films de Cannes,” as El Cordillerano highlighted last year. The French event “made the film gain a huge international acclaim. They were steps that were taken that have now reached Amazon Prime Video.”

According to the producer, the trip was paved with unforeseen consequences because it was favorable to the health situation. “For us, it’s possible that in a pre-pandemic context with theater premieres, it would have been more difficult. Reaching a global audience is complicated because theater premieres are more expensive and more complex and it’s another very limited circuit.” …for Argentine films and even more so for Patagonian films.”

With the facts on the horizon, “we can say that it was favored because the distribution of films was further enhanced and the possibility of realizing the dream that one had always dreamed of: to be seen in as many places as possible. Coronel summed up the opportunity to double the screens that the pandemic context has given us and to strengthen These platforms greatly favored the film.

Also, “On a quality level, it looks great. It’s not a movie theater, but it looks very good because the quality of the platform playback is very good, so we’re very happy with that too: it can be enjoyed in the highest quality possible. You can see all the work behind the movie. Per From Nacho Aguirre, the director, and to all the people who took part, it’s a great happiness. It also encourages thinking about new projects because the precedent is so important to all of us who did is full of noise and pain.” The floor rises higher and higher.

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