Basketball | Olympics: Basketball where the US is not favored: opens 3X3 game لعبة


NSBasketball is no longer a five-a-side sport where you always win United State. At least that won’t be the case Tokyo Games With the integration of a new method طريقة Slim, dynamic and urban: 3×3. A different way to face the basket, which won a place in the Olympic program to try to gain followers among younger audience الجمهور Who prefers the smell of asphalt to the sound of sports shoes on parquet.

In the popular imagination when talking about this method, it always appears ROCKER PARK Or any other street court in Bronx NS Harlem, with a dominant player crushing or b juggler baln. However, the new Olympic method has changed the stereotype and is more than that.

speed and dynamism

It’s a sport in it The outside shot makes the difference In the field. With Short attack time (12 seconds) And the double value of the launch to try to reach 21 points for a win, Triple is the main resource. Maybe that’s why I chose like Serbia NS Latvia Be a favorite over gold and country like United State It is not even present in the male designation and is not first in the ranking in the female category.

Infographic: Martina Gill

Number one to the rescue

The North American team doesn’t start out as a big favorite for gold medal Because France which has shown greater regularity in recent years. However, the appearance Kelsey Bloom You have changed everything. california player, #1 in Draft 2017 The highest scorer in history National Collegiate Athletic Association, He traveled to like To save lost pride

respectable jobIn addition, it meets the requirements that every good story needs: Self development. In 2020 player Las Vegas Aces smash the Achilles: “They could have left me behind and called another player, but they didn’t.” In May 2021, eleven months after his serious injury, Wearing a short plum again And he did it to lead some undefeated United State to win the briolimpico And he got the qualification of the big star in the games.

global phenomenon

“For me it’s fun to play, freedom.” Who Speaks Doosan Bulut The other big star of this method, is considered the best player From the date of 3×3. A talent he hopes to lead to Serbia To the top of the stairs and that I discovered this method after seeing it “The eggs don’t know how to put them in.” Bar took him away from five for five because of the tactical rigor in his training. The virtue of street freedom And the sport is already Olympic thanks, in large part, to his personality who helped develop a style that pushes the boundaries today.

This expansion is what opened the eyes Watch, which I decided to include 3×3 and reach corners like Mongolia, a place where basketball was very little known thanks to this method it was found Kholan Unolbaatar to the new country code. A 21-year-old girl was the first woman to carry the flag in history Mongolia This embodies this new batch of athletes for whom the Olympic movement has opened its arms.

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