Bear enters the jacuzzi and his video spreads very quickly


See A. very Going down from the mountains and getting close to populated areas is impressive, but watching him bathe in the Jacuzzi and have fun, although it seems almost impossible, was amazing to the eyes of a man Tennessee, USA.

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Mason Tribune He was the guy who enjoyed the show and photographed it with his cell phone to later share it on his account Tik Tok.

The American was vacationing in a cabin in Great Smoky Mountains National ParkWhen a wild bear approached the cabin and jumped onto a kind of balcony, then came down to where the Jacuzzi was.

Youtube capture

For a few seconds the animal remained on degrees JacuzziBut then he jumped and dipped in the warm water. For 15 minutes the man stayed in the bathtub whirlpool, On the background, the sun behind the mountains.

After enjoying a few minutes of relaxation, the bear left there and headed for the mountains, while listening to the cries of surprise from the tourists who filmed the unexpected situation.

At the beginning of the article a voice Tribune Who says to someone else, “No, don’t talk to him, he’s a black bear, they’re bad bears. They can be bad. You just want to walk up.” Jacuzzi“.

Youtube capture

Later, the man explained that the bear was playing with another person near the hut, right before entering the bathtub.

The video spread immediately. The event took place on March 20. user Tik Tok Share part of the video on social network, adding over 1 million views.

service National parks of the United States, It is estimated that approximately 1,500 wild bears live in the Greta Smoky Mountains National Park.

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