Bearded vulture flies reappear in France … after more than 100 years – El Financiero

Bearded vulture flies reappear in France … after more than 100 years – El Financiero

France I mentioned that he saw again some kind of He flies We have not seen it in the country for more than a hundred years, this is in Pyrenees National ParkIt is known as one of the favorite destinations for hikers.

The garden made it clear that it is not just a type of insect: it is bearded eagle fly (Thyreophora cynophila), also called the carnivorous fly, which was considered extinct in 1836. The French media also call it the “eagle fly”.

A park ranger was observed in the Osau Valley, at an altitude of 1700 meters, this “bearded eagle” flies over the carcass of a dead wild boar in the snow.

They are flies with bright orange heads It is especially active in the winter. The zoo indicated that the cold did not seem to affect the larvae of this type of flies, which feed on the bodies of decomposing animals found in the snow.

Considered extinct since 1836included in the list of extinct species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this species was Rediscovered in Spain just in 2010. Since 2018, entomologist Laurent Belozuelo (Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse) has mobilized specialists to investigate this fly on the French side of the Pyrenees. Some of the first French data could have been obtained in Ariège, in the municipality of Saint Paul de Jarrat in 2019, and then a second in Osto municipality in 2020″, he pointed to the French garden.

The ranger’s sighting, which was reported in the Pyrenees, occurred in February 2022. Now they are looking for more flies of this type. For this reason, the Pyrenees National Park informed hiking residents about the “bearded eagle” fly and asked the public if they saw any of this kind there, took a picture of it, took location and time data, and sent the information to document it. ([email protected]).

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