Become an expert on WhatsApp Web, and how to make more use of it

Become an expert on WhatsApp Web, and how to make more use of it

If the contact after the arrival The WhatsApp To mobile phones were never the same again, the fact that the digital platform is also available for you to use from the computer in . format The WhatsApp the web It is the perfect complement for you to keep in touch with your co-workers and class as well as family and friends without the need for a consultation smart phone every-time.

This handy tool also has a good number of functions that we sometimes don’t know about, but when you spot them, the files User Experience And by mastering it, you will get more capabilities of WhatsApp Web.

No matter what computer operating system you are using, the application instant message It can be opened by Browser When you get to their portal, it doesn’t matter which computer you use to start chatting.

Due to all these characteristics, WhatsApp Web has become a very popular means of communication, and below we will tell you the five skills that will make you an expert when using this program, from the basics to a more advanced level:

How to login. First things first to start enjoying the capabilities of WhatsApp Web, you have to link smart phone open your internet browser Preferred to access the digital platform of the application.

There you will see a file QR Code This scenes with your cell phone as shown in the portal, and even shows a video showing how to do it, so that at the end all your conversations automatically appear on the screen.

From pairing your smartphone with your computer for the first time to keyboard shortcuts, you’ll master WhatsApp Web. (EFE)

Use the dark mode of the web portal. When you have access to your chats from the computer, it will be useful if they are displayed in low brightness mode so that you can read the messages more comfortably by clicking on the three dots in the upper left.

This is how you will display the menu and when you enter the section Adjust Among the options that it gives you is to select Trait and choose dark.

Save WhatsApp files and documents to Google Drive. To use this function, you must activate your account google browser From the smartphone, download from the store Google Play Services And google browser Leadership.

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Enter WhatsApp and go to Settings, then choose Chats and activate backup. When you hit Save, you will be able to choose the frequency at which the backups will be made, from one per day to one per month and also the Google account in which this automatic backup will be made.

Mark chat messages as unread. To be able to read a message and the sender doesn’t see it as “read” you simply have to stay without entering the respective conversation and when a new message arrives hover over the chat without actually clicking on it, and you’ll see its content appear to you in moments.

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Master its acronyms. When you use your computer or laptop keyboard to type your messages, it will be more practical for you to know these combinations to make your life easier:

Ctrl + N: Start a new conversation

Ctrl + Shift + N: Open a new group

Ctrl + E: Archive chat

Ctrl + Shift + M: To mute chatting

Ctrl + Backspace: Lets you delete the conversation

Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark the current conversation unread

Ctrl + P: To open the profile

Ctrl + F: Looking for information

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