How to download this new version and everything it offers to its users


instant messaging app The WhatsApp It is one of the most used platforms worldwide. However, this year it has suffered one of its worst falls, affecting more than 2 billion users.

For some time, some people have been using a newer version of the app. This is WhatsApp Plus, an unauthorized update, but it can be customized.

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It has become very popular among experts because it has different functions than the original version. for example, Offers ‘Exclusive Codes’, the myth of “online” can be hidden, The user selects who can connect and who can’t. In addition, you can view a file Removed countries.

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How to download WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus, you can download it from this link Then, to install it, you must follow these steps:

1. Delete the original WhatsApp.

2. Go to Google Chrome and download WhatsApp Plus APK (executable file) from the page of your choice.

3. Check the URL to avoid downloading any malware or software that might harm your computer.

4. Install WhatsApp Plus to allow Google Chrome.

5. Finally, WhatsApp Plus can be installed. You will need to select a mobile phone number and choose where to export chats from.

There are still many doubts about the security of Whatsapp plus in the world.

If a warning appears that WhatsApp Plus cannot be installed, you must delete everything related to the original application. To do this, go to Settings & Apps and in the search bar type WhatsApp.

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The latest version of WhatsApp also brings news like:

– New privacy and security system

– Ability to configure Whatsapp plus With Do Not Disturb mode

– Hide contact status and conversations.

The case can be locked or suspended “Last seen”

– Enable automatic removal notifications.

– You can activate in a specific chat if you want call alerts.

– You will no longer suffer from annoying ads in people’s “stories”, nor will they ask you to download other strange apps.

It has the option to schedule messages and even specify if a blue check mark appears when no response.

– Could Recover deleted photos cat.

– You have the possibility to change the color of each section and also download new themes.

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