Promotes Halo Infinite with two stunning new live action trailers


There’s nothing missing from the imminent premiere of the Halo Infinite campaign. Less than two weeks is what separates us from the continuation of the Master Chief’s saga and his endless battle, which will set aside the Promethians of Halo 5, to face the castaways of Halo Wars 2.

Of course, not everyone will be able to be patient when waiting, which is why today I propose two options to quench your cravings: the first is that Read the article on first impressions Prepared by our colleague Jose Martinez, or even that Watch the video He did about it, and the second is for you to enjoy the two new reality action clips just released.

Halo Infinite releases two new live action trailers

When a new trailer for Halo Infinite comes out, it’s sure to cause celebration for any fan, which is why the official Halo channel brings us Carry On and Forever We Fight, both emphasizing bravery in their own way.

Carry On for his part, pits Master Chief against a group of brutes with no doubts or fears with his reliable shotgun, some grenades and a powerful gravity hammer.

Forever We’re Fighting, for his part, shows us different types of heroes who rise up when they’re needed most, including the obvious boss.

Halo Infinite unlocks in stores next December 8, although they can currently enjoy the multiplayer section on Xbox consoles and Steam.

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