Before AMLO visit to Biden, Trump praised his ‘socialist friend’

Before AMLO visit to Biden, Trump praised his ‘socialist friend’

A few days after the president’s visit Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador To Washington, where he will meet his US counterpart, Joe Biden, Donald trump He insisted that the Mexican was his “socialist friend,” whose government had even offered to send more soldiers to the border to stop illegal immigration.

Trump participated in Saturday’s rally in Anchorage, Alaska, where he campaigned for the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, Who is running for Alaska’s only seat in the federal House of Representatives?

During his speech, the former US president reiterated that in his administration, “Mexico gave us 28,000 soldiers for free. Do you know why they gave us the soldiers? Because I told them, ‘If you don’t, we will apply tariffs to all Mexican products entering the United States.'” They told me “Sovereignty Chief, we’d like to give you 28,000 soldiers, we’d love that.”

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Even, according to Trump, the gMexican government He asked her: Do you want more? Because we can gladly offer you more.” However, the Republican said he answered, “No, because he will have nowhere to turn.”

As he has said in the past, Trump referred to Lopez Obrador as “a great guy, he’s a socialist, but he’s a good guy (…) and together we set records we’ve never seen before, our borders have been the safest in modern US history,” the Republican said .

In January 2021 Trump called when he was still president Lopez Obrador “The great president of Mexico, a gentleman and friend of mine.”

The Mexican president also described Trump as his friend.

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On Monday, Lopez Obrador travels to Washington to meet with Biden. It will be their first meeting after Mexico refused to attend the Summit of the Americas in June, upset by the US decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the event. The counselor was there Marcelo Ebrard.

The Mexican head of state indicated that the main topic of the meeting would be immigration. The meeting takes place weeks after the tragedy that occurred in San Antonio, Texas, when 53 people lost their lives immigrants, 22 of them are Mexicans, abandoned in a trailer. Most of the migrants died of suffocation due to lack of water, air conditioning or ventilation. Others lost their lives in hospital due to related causes.

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