“We are playing with fire,” warns the head of the World Health Organization who has warned of new and dangerous variables

“We are playing with fire,” warns the head of the World Health Organization who has warned of new and dangerous variables

In the face of the increase in cases COVID-19 In the world, unofficially called the fifth wave of Covid, Maria Van KerkhoveTechnical Director of the Health Emergencies Program for the Arab Republic of Egypt Who is theHe warned that we are “playing with fire” by allowing the virus to spread “with such intensity”.

Across TwitterThe WHO expert denounced that “global deaths are at levels similar to March 2020,” at the worst moment of the coronavirus pandemic. “While deaths are now much lower than they were at their peak in the past two and a half years, we must remember that in March 2020 we knew very little about this virus and had no treatment or vaccine.”

“We currently have a number of life-saving interventions that we are not using effectively or consistently, and deaths should be much lower now,” he added.

He warned that “the epidemic is not over and we are playing with fire by allowing this virus to spread at such severe levels.” The expert had already warned, in June, that by circulating the virus in this way, there was a risk of more dangerous variants emerging and difficult to control.

Regarding omicron variants, Kerkhove noted this Sunday that BA.5 was detected “in 83 countries, with a prevalence of 37-52% between June 19 and 25”, and that BA.4 is also rising, although not on average. which BA.5

Despite the successes in science and medicine, and public health actions that have saved lives, Kerkhove said, “Our work is not finished. Let us not dismantle what has been built. Equality has not been achieved in vaccines.”

He insisted that “too many people are dying unnecessarily” because the tools are in place to prevent it. “Stay alert, wear a mask, keep your distance, get vaccinated, open windows, wash your hands, get tested, isolate yourself if you become infected, and quarantine if you have been in contact with an infected person; find out,” he recommended. “Live your life, but in safety… your life is precious.”

He stressed that the WHO “will continue to work with everyone, everywhere, until this emergency is over… and we will continue to work to be better prepared and, ideally, to prevent another pandemic.”

The emergence of new and more dangerous variants of Covid 19 has been present in many forums and theories of epidemiologists.


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