Note the best movies and series arriving in our country between March 8 and 14, 2021.

March is steadily moving forward. After an interesting first week, the third month of the year leaves us with a new, somewhat “lazy” week that will serve as a break for what will be the strong week of the month, with premieres like Zack Snyder’s Justice League or Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

But first, we’ll have a week where no long-awaited content from the general public is on the horizon. Although we will have some products that can be very fun and surprise us.

Today at Hobby Consolas, we present it to you The best movies and series to be shown in Spain between 8-14 March 2021.


Sherlock Holmes It continues to include sequences, spinners, and all kinds of duplicates on the big and small screen. After bringing in Enola Holmes last year, Netflix He puts a new twist on the insightful world of the detective with his new series: abnormal.

Disney + has launched a new channel, STAR, listed for free on its platform and with content like Deadpool, Grey’s Anatomy, and other adult series.

With the elusive Sherlock missing more than usual, Watson He will seek the assistance of a group of young people who will help him solve some crimes that should not remain unresolved.


Comes from Australia, one of the most thrilling horror movies to arrive in Spain during the month of March. This is a movie directed by Relic Natalie Erica James That would completely submerge us in the ins and outs of a family with strange dementia.

This condition completely tears the family’s tissues to unexpected points. A psychological thriller that will try to leave us speechless.

Paradise PD, Season 3

Netflix brings us a little riot with the third season of Paradise PD, one of the adult animated series on the platform that turns the long arm of law into the crazy arm of law.

Thanks to movies and TV series, there are many myths that are scientifically unreal but everyone takes them for granted.

Surrealistic situations will return to this city in this mix of Crazy Police Academy with Brooklyn Nine Nine And a parent made in the USA.


In terms of power, we go to the side of criminals. This week he comes to Netflix dealer, A series that dives in an original way into the gangster world, a problem that has plagued many societies in both the United States and the rest of the world.

The film crew will enter the disputed territory between two groups with the aim of shooting a video of the rapper. Of course it can go catastrophically well or bad.

Only monsters

From France, with some delay, the thriller arrived Monsters onlyDirected by the director Dominic Mall Which won the audience award at the 2019 Tokyo International Film Festival.

The film will focus on the investigation of the disappearance of a woman who left no trace after a snowstorm other than her car in a ditch. Five people seem connected to the disappearance, and they all have secrets they wish to keep.

In this report, we’ll review our best thriller movies, a list where you’ll find both the classic and the most recent movies.

With this we finish our review of The best movies and series that arrive during the week between March 8-14, 2021. Of course, if you think we left something interesting in the pipeline, be sure to mention it in the comments section.

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