Biden after the midterm election results

Biden after the midterm election results

President of the United States, Joe Biden On Wednesday afternoon, he thanked the American citizens who came out to vote in the midterm elections to keep up the struggle against them Climate change and arms smuggling“The voters have spoken and they want to preserve democracy,” he said. “The red tide did not happen.”

At a press conference at the White House, the president acknowledged that many voters are frustrated. “It’s been two difficult years,” he said, referring to the pandemic. However, he defended the work his administration is doing on issues Pandemic, inflation and investment.

He also acknowledged that it is difficult for Americans to see such progress in their daily lives, but insists that steps have been taken on the right path.

According to CNN news, so far, in the US Senate, Republicans have won 49 seats out of 48 Democrats, while in the House of Representatives, Republicans have won 204 seats out of 187 Democrats, as well as 24 seats against 22 seats. for Democrats.

The president indicated that despite the election results, he was willing to work with fellow Republicans, but emphasized that he would not agree to support Republicans who oppose the elections. Fighting climate changeor whatever they want Raising fees for the health care cause“This is not on the table and I will not support it,” he said.

Biden stressed that Americans do not want daily political battles because “the future of the United States is so promising that it cannot be immersed in internal battles.”

On the other hand, the president stressed that despite the fact that the Democrats lost quite a few seats they still had a chance to retain the The House of Representatives, as well as Congress.

“There will be no red wave, there will always be characters who understand and talk to them to move things forward.” Been completed.

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