They catch octopuses throwing shells at each other

They catch octopuses throwing shells at each other
octopus shells
The reason for throwing the shells is unknown. | Photo: Plus One.

A group of researchers managed to capture a video of how octopuses Savages throw mud and shells at each other Who will siphon him and with the help of his arms give the impression of fighting or joking.

In the Videos created with underwater cameras You can see how Soft octopuses or Sydney common octopuses (Velvet octopus)native to the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, They collect material from the sea floor such as silt and shells, then push it through the water using a siphon and a boom.

However, researchers realized thatThe octopuses had to move their blades to an unusual position, under a web of arms Octopusto expel the material, indicating that it was deliberately discarded.

This is surprising because, according to experts, it was previously observed that octopuses throw sand out of a siphon, but they have never thrown more important things like seashells.

Among the observations made, experts were also able to determine that This behavior of Sydney octopuses throwing shells at each other It occurs in both males and females and about half of all releases are made while interacting with other octopuses.

After analyzing the observations obtained on the video during 2014 and 2015, experts calculated that of the total launches made by cephalopods, only 17% reached the goal.

That is, as it was possible to conclude, the thrust of the projectile is completely driven by its siphons and the levers simply direct the material.

on me What causes octopuses to throw things at each otherScientists are still unsure, however, that the team believes the launches have a social purpose, which is also important to professionals because, in general, Octopuses are antisocial species, Although sometimes they tend to show tolerance towards other individuals.

That is why scientists have emphasized that the meaning of covering another member of their species with mud, algae and shells may require close examination.

The The launch behavior puts the sooty octopus on a short list of species that have shown some type of launch behavioralong with chimpanzees, capuchins, elephants, polar bears, Egyptian vultures and a few others.

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