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Dance company twerks in front of the new Australian warship HMAS Supply

A video of dancers in tracksuits at an Australian military event has spread across the country.

The scene was paradoxical, bizarre, and hilarious. So of course it quickly spread when it appeared on Wednesday.

But the video-style musical choreography, with the beating, hitting and kicking of the donkey, has also been attacked. Conservative lawmakers led a chorus they described as “inappropriate”.

The tabloids made headlines critical of military standards. But others found it offensive elsewhere: embarrassing the dancers and calling their routine too “sexual”.

This, in turn, sparked a backlash against the female body that was watching and dancing the women.. The troupe of dancers in pictures, 101 Doll Squadron, has complained about media coverage.

It was also learned that the clip was poorly edited by ABC, the national broadcaster, these voices became louder. So how did this “twerk navy” story unfold?

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Step by step for what happened … 5,6,7,8!

The 101st Country Squadron was recruited by the Royal Australian Navy to perform on Saturday at the commissioning ceremony for a new ship, HMAS Supply.

However, it was only after an ABC reporter shared a separate video on Twitter that the event gained traction, in which he pooled footage of the ladies’ rough turns with the rocky reactions of the military leaders in attendance.

His tweet, which was later deleted, quoted a government deputy who lamented the low standards of the Defense Forces. This framing sparked a viral firestorm.

But on Thursday it turned out that the footage was incorrectly edited. This prompted questions from the CBA, which issued an apology.

The Navy said that none of the officers or dignitaries, such as the Governor General, watched the parade as it did before their arrival. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the “standards failed”, but criticized the “misrepresentation” of the anti-corruption law.

The Navy did not explain why the dancers were hired.

The video showed the remainder of the event taking place at a slower pace.. It was distinguished by typical pomp and celebration: performances by orchestras; Formal speeches Rows of sailors saluting and marching at the same time. Not as hot as dancers.

The rest of the event was marked by celebrations more typical of such an event.

But the vision of the dance has already been posted online and has caused a lot of negative reactions.

Half dressed … maybe inappropriate.

Conservative politicians flocked to the shots Thursday morning, claiming it was an inappropriate show during a military event.

Independent Senator Jackie Lambie, a veteran of the armed forces, described the matter as “an absolute shock” at the military leadership’s decision. She said she thought she watched the Super Bowl, referring to the entertainment show between the two halves.

“It’s nice to have these little girls outside, but I tell them that wearing half the clothes outside of a warship might be inappropriate,” he said.

But criticism of the military’s bizarre entertainment option quickly turned into disgrace and the sexualization of the dancers and dance style.

101 Doll Squadron is a community dance group made up of members from indigenous and multi-ethnic backgrounds.

They specialize in dancehall, reggae, Afrobeat, commercial jazz, and hip-hop, genres of dance that at times influenced the dominant white culture, but are now commonly found in modern dance. The business suite is often set for parties, bridal showers, and workshops.

But the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the tabloid owned by Murdoch, featured pictures of the dancers on its cover and in dual broadcasts:

Several online commentators also gave opinions that the choreography was “insulting to women.” Many confuse the event and A wider debate about gender inequality currently dominates Australian politics.

The original ABC article quoted another, unnamed politician, as saying, “In an era in which we promote the right of women to be untargeted, there are other dance movements that will be fun and enjoyable. Active.”

But very few of them asked the dancers what they thought of themselves in the name of defending women’s rights.

“You made us sexual”

Controversy over the “scandalous” video dominated Thursday morning on breakfast radio and television programs. Twirk – Finally a pop culture debate sparked by Miley Cyrus in 2013 – Become a trend on Australian Twitter once again.

But members of the 101st Squadron said that amplification of the story by the media in the first place was the most damaging.

In particular, they accused ABC of “misleading editing” for inserting false footage of military guests and dignitaries in the video, which included “footage from angles that the public cannot see.”

“We found this extremely frightening and was further reflected in the ABC cameraman and his need to sexualize these women and their dance piece for his satisfaction,” read the statement.

They said they were the victims of trolls and online attacks. They felt “threatened and exploited” as a result of the care.

Others online have also questioned whether the hysteria was really related to the movements of the dancers and the particular dance style.

Australian women’s site Mamamia has published an article that reads: “It was the Australian Royal Navy that made it strange. It was the Royal Australian Navy that turned its art form into something to be mocked about. “

“At the end of the day, these women were just doing their job.”

Does Twirk target or empower women? The BBC explored it here in this 2016 video:

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