Scientists discover two dwarf giraffes in Namibia and Uganda – the counter



Most giraffes grow from 4.5 to 6 meters tallBut in 2018 the scientists worked with the foundation Discover a 2.6 meter long giraffe in Namibia. Three years ago, a 2.8-meter giraffe was found in the Ugandan Wildlife Park.

Scientists published their findings in the British Medical Journal late last month.

Either way, giraffes had standard long necks, but short legs squatting, he told the publication. Osteodysplasia, the medical name for the condition, affects both humans and pets, but the magazine said it is rare to see it in wild animals.

Pictures taken by the foundation showed a Ugandan giraffe standing on thick, muscular legs in the dry savannah of Murchison Falls National Park in northern Uganda, as a taller animal with usual long legs walked behind it.

“Unfortunately, there is probably no benefit at all,” Vinici said. “The giraffes have grown larger, reaching the top of the trees.” He added that they will likely find it physically impossible to breed with their normal-sized peers.

The number of the world’s tallest mammals has decreased by 40% in the past 30 years to around 111,000, prompting conservationists to classify the four species as “endangered.”

“This is mainly due to habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, population growth, and more cultivated land,” Vinici said. Coupled with a little bit of overfishing and climate change, he added.

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