Biden promises to defend the Philippines against China's “attack” – DW – 04/12/2024

Biden promises to defend the Philippines against China's “attack” – DW – 04/12/2024

president United State, Joe Biden On Thursday (11/04/2024), it pledged to defend the Philippines in the event of an “attack” in the China Sea. China South, in a clear warning to Beijing formulated during an unprecedented summit with the Japanese and Philippine leaders.

Biden said that “any attack on Philippine aircraft, ships or armed forces in the South China Sea” would trigger the application of the “Mutual Defense Treaty.”

The US President made this statement alongside his Philippine counterpart Ferdinand Marcos and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, whom he invited to attend a meeting. An unprecedented triple summit In the White House.

the summit It is celebrated in mid Frequent clashes between Chinese and Filipino ships Which raised fears of conflict.

China claims sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea, ignoring the claims of several Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines.

“The United States' commitment to the security of Japan and the Philippines is unwavering,” the 81-year-old Democrat said.

It set its goal as a “free, open, prosperous and secure” Asia-Pacific region, an expression used by Washington to confront what it sees as China’s dangerous and aggressive plans in the region.

Beijing has already reacted harshly to Wednesday's announcement of greater military cooperation between the United States and Japan.

“The United States and Japan, in defiance of China's serious concerns, have smeared and attacked China regarding Taiwan and maritime issues,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said at a press conference.

He met with US President Fumio Kishida on Wednesday during a lavish state visit, in preparation for this tripartite meeting with Ferdinand Marcos, the son of the former Philippine dictator of the same name, who took power in June 2022.

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