Biden says his ‘priority’ will remain fighting inflation


EFE.- US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that his “priority” will continue to fight inflation, the highest in nearly 40 years in the country, and also promised to continue addressing problems in the supply chain.

“We’re making progress, but what’s on my mind and what’s on the minds of many families is higher prices and costs. Dealing with those costs has been and will continue to be a top priority for my administration,” promised the US president.

Biden made the remarks during a virtual meeting to address supply chain congestion with representatives of affected sectors, including postal services company FedEx CEOs, Fred Smith, and the American Association of Port Authority, Christopher Connor.

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Biden’s goal is to address in this meeting with members of the private sector and his government the measures that have been taken in recent months to ensure supermarket shelves are full over the Christmas holidays and what can be done in the future.

“Packages are on the move, gifts are being delivered, and shelves are not empty,” Biden said in an optimistic statement.

In recent months, his government has announced several measures to address supply problems, such as a program to recruit truck drivers and $230 million to improve the country’s port infrastructure, where containers with cargo enter.

Meanwhile, inflation continues to rise, reaching 6.8% in November, the highest since June 1982, at the end of the hyperinflationary period of the 1970s.

If food and fuel prices, the most volatile, are excluded, the core annual inflation rate was 4.9%.

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