Commercials are no longer what they used to be. In the past, viewers enjoyed watching commercials as these ads were quite different from the usual leaflets and radio broadcasts. But as time progressed and technology developed, the interest in ads declined because many companies were now using video ads. So, advertisers had to become more creative to have lasting impressions on viewers. Luckily, with bingo being such a fun game, most new bingo sites did not have a problem coming up with catchy ads that inspired people to play more. So, which of these ads were the most creative?

Foxy Bingo

This bingo site has had commercials running for a long time. Whether you are catching up on a day show or are keeping up with the night news, you are sure to come across one of its ads. But what makes their ads so loveable? Picture a man showing up at different supermarkets and performing a dance in each. Would that be enough to grab your attention? You would probably be in awe of such confidence and wonder what inspired him to be so energetic. Well, bingo would be the right answer!

Jackpot Joy

Foxy Bingo’s ad caught on so much that other brands had to figure out how their ads would be as popular. Jackpot Joy came up with quite a clever ad. Barbara Windsor is shown baking a cake when her doorbell rings. She opens it, and alas, there stands a man dressed as a fox who starts dancing around. Of course, this unwelcome guest is from Foxy Bingo. So, she takes her cake and shoves it in his face! – Talk about brand rivalry! That ad was also quite a hit, pitting one firm against the other and giving bingo lovers a good laugh.

Costa Bingo

Bingo jackpots can be quite enticing, but how big are they? Well, Costa Bingo wants you to know that their rewards are humongous, so much so that their ad shows as much. In it, Mel B features as a giant walking through London. You can imagine the shock on people’s faces on seeing this giant creature moving through their city. Yes, that’s how big the jackpot is at Costa Bingo! – What a clever way to showcase the lucrativeness of your rewards. It should get people playing, eager to get their hands on such an opportunity. Plus, it’s not an obvious ad.

Paddy Power

It’s no secret that bingo can be an addictive game and most people who start playing it seldom walk away even years after their debut. Interestingly, most bingo players seem to be women. Of course, their love for the game probably does not bode well with their partners. Their husbands probably want them to stop playing bingo and do something else, much to the women’s chagrin. So, when Paddy Power came up with the idea of a ‘husband removal team,’ it was a hit. The team moves in and gags the woman’s husband, taking him to a van where other husbands have been hidden. Now, the women can play in peace!

Bet 365

Besides sports, this bookie also has a thriving casino side, which features the enthralling bingo game! The site features an ad where people have bingo balls for heads to show just how exciting the game can be. So, these people go about their days with balls balanced on their bodies. It gets even funnier when the character goes in for a photo shoot, and the printouts map out the bingo ball. Given how much people think about and play this game, it’s not surprising that it would take up this much space in their lives.

Mecca Bingo

Macarena was a hit song from the first time it hit the radio waves. It’s even featured in recent movies as people lean onto the classics for a nice walk down memory lane. Mecca Bingo understands just how catchy this song is – so it incorporated it into its ad but with a twist. Instead of using Macarena, the song goes Meccarena! The parody is quite easy to learn and is sure to have people interested in playing on the site.

Moon Bingo

How do you advertise a site whose name implies an out-of-space experience? Well, you stage the ad on the moon! That’s right! This ad features dancing astronauts having fun on the moon and dancing to the ad’s theme tune. Oh, and they do the moonwalk right there on the moon surface. If that’s not enough to show you how excited they are about bingo, what will suffice?

How Can You Make an Engaging Ad?

Seeing how successful these ads have been could prompt you to start an ad campaign. But as you do so, you must ensure that you are within the confines of advertising which include:

  • Advising people to gamble responsibly,
  • Not advertising gambling to people under 18 or using messaging that appeals to minors, and
  • Involving older people to advertise the games rather than people who seem young (25 and below).

You can then come up with catchy songs and create characters that will appeal to bingo players. Have fun!

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