Black Adam stars in the cast; Pierce Brosnan will be Doctor Fayette


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Shza’em? … a sinister Justice League member prepares for his new production, after several years he is announced to be starring the rock, One of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, is gradually becoming a reality, because this time Warner Introduce the characters that will be with Black Adam.

One of the surprises of this character poster is the inclusion of whoever was Deadpool’s friend in his latest movie, Pierce Brosnan, who is now He will play Kent Nelson, better known as Doctor Viet, One of the oldest DC Comics superheroes, which was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman.

Also joining the cast will be two classic superheroes from DC Comics: actor Noah Centineo, who He will play Atom Smasher, And is known for its growth power and super strength, as well Aldis Hodge Como Hookman And they will surely remember him for appearing in the Black Museum, a chapters Black mirror And Netflix.

We are a few weeks away from the start of filming, as everything will start recording next April in Atlanta, in the United States. The project manager will be Jaume Collet-Serra, who has directed films like La orfana or the next movie to be released, Jungle excursion.

This villain’s film will have challenges to overcome such as the success of the latest DC Cinematic Universe films such as ShazamAnd the Wonderful woman And recently Justice League: The Snyder CutDirector Zack Snyder cut.

The next DC movie was scheduled to release in December 2021 but like many productions like Tenet, Dunet or Black Widow, its premiere has been postponed and the date is still unknown; However, the bar could arrive in June or August of next year, according to ScreenRant data.


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